Our Team


President of Services: Matt Higgins
(502) 641-7228

Matt joined Flyer Enterprises in September of his Freshman year at Stuart’s Landing. While at Stuart’s Landing, Matt quickly got involved in different aspects of the store. These involvements included assisting the Director of Human Resources as well as the General Manager, being a member of the new product team, and the Marycrest Buyer. Matt was then hired as the General Manager of Stuart’s landing in April of 2014. In his year as General Manager, Stuart’s Landing saw record revenue numbers and many operational improvements. In the Spring of 2015, Matt was selected to be the first President of Services. In this position he will be the leader of Flyer Enterprise Catering and Storage. In the upcoming year he will lead a team of four managers. Matt will work to tap into the potential both catering and storage hold.

Director of Marketing: Brad Barcic
(412) 418-2657

Brad joined FE Catering in March of his sophomore year as a Catering Specialist. He was then asked to become the Assistant Director of Marketing for FE Catering, and worked with the New Product Team at ArtStreet Café. As Assistant Director of Marketing for FE Catering, Brad gained the skills needed to excel as the Director of Marketing for FE Service Divisions. Brad will approach this position with a strong emphasis on sales, to actively seek out new customers in the Dayton area for FE Catering. He will also continue to work on strengthening on-campus relationships for both FE Storage and FE Catering, in order to increase their brand awareness and profitability. Working with the rest of the Services Team, he hopes to leave Services in a stable and thriving position for new managers and employees to come.

Director of Operations: Mike Sherwood
(815) 861-8909

Mike became a part of Flyer Enterprises during his freshman year when he was hired on at The CHILL in January of 2014. Right away he became involved as the General Manager assistant and became The CHILL’s first financial assistant a few months later where he was responsible for reporting financials to the rest of the division and monitoring revenues and expenses. In Spring of 2015 he accepted the role as the Director of Operations at Flyer Enterprises Catering. With Catering being apart of the new Services Division, Mike is excited to use his past FE and internship experience to play a key part in the Division’s foundational success for years to come. He plans on stabilizing Catering’s operations by increasing sales and consistency with the help of his partners Brad Barcic and Grant Johnson.

Financial Manager: Grant Johnson
(502) 644-1755

Grant joined Flyer Enterprises in November of his Freshman year as a Sales Associate at Stuart’s Landing. While at Stu’s he became interested in greater responsibility and soon became the Marycrest Buyer where he oversaw the purchasing of fresh foods for the store. In April of 2014 Grant became the Financial Assistant for Stuart’s Landing. As a Financial Assistant he analyzed the store’s profits, costs, and produced weekly sales reports to show the best and worst selling items for Stu’s. In March of 2015 Grant was promoted to Financial Manager of Services. As Financial Manager Grant will work closely with with the other managers to revamp this very vital division of Flyer Enterprises.

Graphic Designer: Erin Fox

Erin joined Flyer Enterprises in the Spring of her junior year. As the graphic designer for Services Divisions, she works to maintain the integrity and consistency of the branding. Working with the Director of Marketing, she hopes to use her design skills to raise awareness of and excitement about FE Catering. Erin is excited to be a part of this team for her final year at UD.